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  • Developer: Epic Games
  • Genre: Massive Multiplayer, Adventure
  • Version: 16.40
User Rating: Rating 4.71

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Release Date
Jul 25, 2017
Epic Games
Epic Games
Massive Multiplayer, Adventure
Windows PC, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X


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Fortnite Review: Epic Battles for Epic Heroes

Makayla Cartwright

Fortnite is a multi-genre survival game from an American developer Epic Games. A sudden catastrophe claimed the lives of almost the entire population of Earth, the dead rise and revolt, and survivors do everything possible to defend their territory. You can download Fortnite to nearly every device.

Fortnite Graphics (4/5) 

The graphics have their own cartoonish style with interesting characters and a detailed surrounding world. The developers' desire to distribute Fortnite video game on all devices with the smallest possible compromise is attention-worthy. They took the original Fortnite on PC and optimized it for other devices, achieving 60 FPS on consoles and 30 FPS on mobile devices. 

Fornite Gameplay (5/5)

The game has three modes: Save the World, Creative, and Battle Royale. Two of the three games are free Fortnite modes. The first one is a cooperative sandbox in which you need to collect items, craft weapons, build shelters, and arrange monster hunts from time to time. 

Fortnight Creative gives users the freedom of action and creativity. You can make your own island with a unique landscape and rules and invite your friends there. If you want to be noticed worldwide, take part in a sponsor support program organized by Epic Games. 

However, the most popular mode is Fortnite Battle Royale. In this large-scale battle, up to 100 players can take part. You land on an island, collect weapons and try to kill all rivals. The active zone is gradually decreasing due to a storm, so it will not work to sit out in a shelter. If you are suddenly killed, do not play Fortnite new game, better stay and watch the match. This way you can learn something new. 

Epic Games Fortnite is free to download and play, but the game includes tremendous opportunities for microtransactions. Using V-Bucks, the in-game currency, you can modify your character.  You cannot buy weapons or equipment that gives advantage in battle, though. 

Fortnite Game Controls (4/5)

You can play Fortnite free on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS 4. To guide a character and shoot is much more convenient using a mouse and keyboard. However, a mobile version opens the game to a huge audience since everyone has smartphones. Touchscreen controls work smoothly, but complex actions like construction can seem tedious. If you have several devices, find the most comfortable controls for you. Download Fortnite PC version, and then try a console or mobile one. 

Replay Value (5/5) 

All three Fortnite play modes have fairly wide freedom of action, which means you have to spend many hours exploring the world thoroughly. Developers regularly add new events, skins, maps and battle passes. Besides, your hero's fate in Battle Royale mode is always unpredictable.

The Bottom Line

Fortnite free game is a fun way to challenge yourself and other users from all over the world. To play Fortnite download it to one or several devices at once. You definitely will not be disappointed, because developers always have something to surprise you with. Are you ready for Season 3?


Do you want a sandbox, a battle royale, and a creative mode in one package? Then don't hesitate, get Fortnite play now!


  • Fortnite free download and play lots of Easter Eggs tons of catchy skins and wraps


  • There is no Fortnite no download (or browser) version touchscreen controls aren't quite convenient
Game Controls
Replay Value


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